Author: judithegardener

In the beginning..

On the twenty first day of February 2012 seed planting begins with Nasturtiums (tall mixed), Tomatoes ‘Gardener’s Delight’ and Sweet Peas ‘Winston Churchill’. I use a wheelbarrow to mix my recipe of...

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Beth Chatto’s Garden

          I set off with Beth Chatto’s ‘Garden Notebook’ placed within my handbag because I dared to hope that I might sight a glimpse of her and have the courage to ask her to...

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Cambridge University Botanic Garden

This was my first visit to Cambridge University Botanic Garden and I am already planning my next. The Winter Garden was the pull for me and it was completely beautiful and very inspirational to my own passion for winter interest...

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On the move

After consulting with my client, I fortified myself with the courage of conviction that I was taking the right action in moving a 16 year old Aucuba japonica into a more shady part of the garden. By moving the plant into a...

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Sewardstone Road Roundabout

As you can see from the smile on my face I love this plant and wrote about it in my ‘Judi’s plant of the week’ blog. I went back this week-end to get up close and personal with it and as you can see the red...

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