Designing a large border with deciduous and evergreen grasses has given me a great opportunity to grow as a professional garden designer ~ I have learnt a lot about ornamental prairie grasses, which has been a real joy. My clients have shown great trust in my ability as a garden designer, to bring them the garden they have wanted for a long time. My approach to the design was to create a planting scheme in colour layers ~ building the colour throughout the border with high summer perennials with seed heads for autumn and winter feeding birds. My aim was to create a painterly feel in my client’s Hitchin garden ~ with moments of vivid colour fizzing through the grasses in the summer and cooler tones in the shadow of the house. And of course I was influenced by the incredible work of the great Piet Oudolf. In a year or two the newly designed borders will provide glimses of the gorgeous old brick walling around the garden. My clients are delighted with their newly transformed garden and are looking forward to next spring. There will be much to enjoy in this gorgeous space.. We provide a monthly care calender to help you look after every plant in your garden with expert tips on what to do when across the seasons! We supply and source plants stock in the best of health and quality ~ ensuring we create the perfect planting scheme for your outdoor space. If you have been thinking about your garden and would like the hand of a designer ~ please do get in touch..