Garden designAre you thinking about your garden?

Planning for a garden development project whatever the size isn’t just a big expense.. it’s an investment!

It’s an investment in your home and future.. A well thought-out and planned garden not only looks and feels great, but it functions well, and it keeps on adding value as it grows and develops.

A well planned and designed garden adds value not only to your property but how you live and move in and around your home. Designing gardens for life, pleasure and growth is what I specialise in, and my clients have trusted me to create unique spaces that are just right for their lifestyle.

A sense of belonging and connection to the outdoor space, whether it’s for privacy, play, retreat, entertainment and fun.. it all begins with thought, consideration and planning.

Installation is carried out after all the decisions have been made and the design has been ‘signed-off’ by clients.
We are currently booked up until Autumn 2019 – so if you are planning on developing your garden this year – please do get in touch – it all starts with a conversation.

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