Planting plan stevenagePlanting plans come in all shapes and sizes and are a great way to ensure that you have beautiful planting right across the year. I am a professional garden designer and I know the importance of understanding not only your garden’s soil, but also the aspects within the garden,, the dry shady areas, the water retaining areas, shadows from neighbouring houses and the importance of placing all the plants in the right place.

You wouldn’t grow lavender in a shady border in clay, nor would you grow an acer in a chalk soil.. these considerations and so much more form the basis of creating a beautiful, abundant garden with plants that will thrive in all the right places, no matter how difficult an area has been in the past. There is always a solution!

Preparing a considered and properly researched planting plan is what makes the difference between a garden that has been built with quick picks from the local garden centre to considered and properly planned planting design.

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Happy gardening!