Frosted flora during winter has a charm and delicacy all of its own. Showing off the beauty of the plants around us in a completely different way. I love the low light of winter that illuminates our stems and branches and once the frost arrives, they take on another quality that extends beyond the monochrome.


When you can take a good look at your winter garden you will see the buds in waiting for warmth of the sun again. The sparkle of the frost and colours in the melting snow fill the wnter garden.


Although I am more in appreciation from afar at the moment, whilst I wait to get back out there again, I delight in the burgeoning Daffodils and buds visible on the trees, winter cherry blossom, Roses still powering on and Hebes in constant supply of flower and the Dogwoods’ beautiful deep red stems.. still so many wonderful things to see in the winter garden.

Cornus sanguinea 'Midwinter Fire'

And we know what’s to come..