Garden design concept sketchDesigning a garden to a modest budget means every plant must earn its place in the planting design. This North Hertfordshire garden needs strategic planting of tall trees. Using evergreen pleached trees will help mask eye lines from over-looking neighbours at the back of the garden.

Pleached trees add height and interest all year round, especially if choosing an evergreen which, Photinia ‘Red Robin’ is. Pleaching is a method of growing trees in a line, usually straight, with the branches of the tree tied together and clipped to form a flat plane above the bare trunk. In this design I have under-planted a low growing hedge to frame a garden retreat.

This is a current project in progress and once the planting plan is approved by my clients, I then begin sourcing the plants stock and preparing for planting-up.

To find out more about my garden design please visit Judi Samuels Garden Design.

Happy gardening!