Planting designI designed this small raised, sloping border for clients who wanted planting design in their newly created raised border.

After compiling a selection of possible plants that would look great in this part of the garden, I presented a plants ‘wish list’ and after some discussion, I produce a visual planting plan, this gets laminated (keeping it dry in all weathers!) and I work from this plan to set-out the plants, before planting-up.

This planting design combines lyrical deciduous grasses with perennials and evergreens. The front of the border is planted with Escallonia ‘Red Dream’, a small flowering  evergreen shrub, which will frame the other plants in this elevated border.

Stipa tenuifolia (Pheasant Grass) has been planted at the top of this border to create movement and soften the upper line. The grasses also connect with the existing planting in the main garden, which helps unify the planting scheme with the rest of the garden. The colour palette contrasts well with the colour of the timber fence and features the lovely Heuchera ‘Binoche’ which is also a favourite for pollinating insects.

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Happy gardening!