TFront garden designhinking about your front garden? How to keep parking off the street but without giving over your entire front garden to your car?!

There is a way forward and it’s with good design. Garden design combines the practical with the beautiful and sustainable. This means combining hard landscaping materials with plants and that includes trees!

As you know ‘SUDS’ Sustainable Drainage Systems’ is legislation now in force to ensure effective surface water drainage from our properties.

This is where considered design comes in. Garden design includes planting as well as hard landscaping, which is both beneficial to people and pollinators. Often, I see a token plant in a solitary pot placed on the block paving of what is essential a car park, to the front of a property.

Think how much more effective and beneficial to introduce small form trees and perennial planting to help maintain biodiversity literally on your doorstep, in our towns and cities.

Before you get the landscaper or builder in to block pave your drive contact me for some alternative ideas.

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