It is so deeply satisfying and rewarding for me as a professional Gardener to see the bulbs that I planted in the autumn, now show themselves and their flowers for their first spring up in the open air. To see the colourful swathes of shapes come up out of the earth from my mind’s vision into beautiful 3 dimensional nature is absolutely lovely. The colour combinations have an exquisitely spring-time palette to them.

My thanks go to my client Marj, who continues to put her trust in my skills  and passion for gardening. It is pure pleasure working in this south-facing back garden with its Plane and Lime Trees within hoe distance from the fence boundary. Happily now all clear of the autumn leaves (Plane Tree leaves are thick and hard and so not good composting material) and the soil smells deeply gorgeous and full of home-made goodness. I encourage you to pick up a handful of your soil and smell it, what does it smell like? Earthy, wholesome, alive..? I hope so. If it doesn’t then you can try feeding it with organic material to encourage it to get its life force back and give you the best medium for growing your plants in.

I love the combination of purple Crocus and yellow Daffodils and in this part of Marj’s garden the Camelia overhead drops its faded pink blooms and adds great colour drama here.

If you would like to talk with me about a new planting scheme in your garden, please do feel free to get in touch, my email is For gardening maintenance enquiries (North-East London, Essex, Hertfordshire and Enfield) please telephone 07818 005773. Always happy to answer gardening questions if I can or steer you towards resources. Happy gardening!