Cornus alba 'sibirica'This plant really comes into its own this time of year as do the other Dogwoods with their resplendent and vibrant stems from yellow / orange to vivid red of the brightest hues. You may well have seen them along roadsides where they are often planted in drifts and adorn otherwise grey roadside backdrops. With winter sun pouring through their stems they truly are beautiful and bring so much welcome colour and illumination into the garden and community spaces this time of year.

It is my wish to plant another Cornus in my own garden and in particular I shall choose the ‘Sibirica’ for its sumptous warmth of colour. On the opposite side of my garden I have a four-year-old Cornus alba ‘Elegantisima’ which is becautiful throughout the year with its variagated dusty green / white leaves through spring and summer with its small flat flowerheads of white flowers followed by the deep burgundy / red stems after leaf fall.

Cornus’ are so valuable in the garden and I hope you will be inspired to plant a Cornus in a space you wish to bring vibrant colour to during the Autumn / Winter months.. just remember it needs sun to give you those wonderful colours!

Details below:

Botanical name: Cornus alba ‘Sibirica’
Other names: Siberian dogwood, Cornus alba ‘Westonbirt’
Genus: Cornus
Variety or cultivar: ‘Sibirica’ _ ‘Sibirica’ is a medium deciduous shrub producing a dense thicket of slender red stems, turning an even brighter crimson during the winter. It also forms ovate leaves which turn dark red in autumn; small, flat, cream flowerheads; and bluish-white berries.
Cornus alba ‘Sibirica’ is: Deciduous
Flower: White in Spring; White in Summer
Foliage: Green in Summer; Red in Autumn
Stem: Red in Winter
Fruit: Blue, White in Autumn
Habit: Branching, Suckering
Awards: RHS AGM (Award of Garden Merit)

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