Raiding the garden larder

Alchemmila & Geum seeds 9.8.15I love this time of year when the garden is full of flower and often with second flushes on herbaceous perennials and roses and seeds are already setting for dispersal up and in to the garden to create a new generation. If you look around the base of your plants you will probably find the young seedlings already appearing from the seeds that have successfully landed and germinated. The garden soil is a veritable feast of old and new beginnings putting on their best before the autumn arrives and the floral show diminishes. Take heart, I shan’t mention the ‘a’ word again, at least not for a few more weeks and until then lets focus on what we do have in the garden. Continue reading

The colour orange

Shootgardening2My eye has become drawn to the colour orange since using it recently as an accent colour in an edible and herbal planting scheme. My new clients run an artisan bakery and cafe in North Finchley called Peace and Plenty. The design concept was about bringing vitality to the shop front and to engage with the beautiful food being made in the bakery. The colour palette was kept simple. Bespoke planters to match the interior of wood and matt black walls created a visual harmony. New life outdoors and a beautiful talking point. The chalkboards will really come into their own with recipes of the week that use the selected herbs. Continue reading

Peony ‘Claire de Lune’

Peony Clare du luneI first discovered this plant at Chelsea 2012 in Andy Sturgeon’s Show Garden and I remembered being blown away by its beauty with its pale colouring and prominent stamens in deep yellow. A must-have for the cottage garden in part shade or sun. I had the recent pleasure of visiting a local NGS garden where this plant featured, a real treat. Continue reading