Price List – 2018

Garden consultation

An opportunity for you to show me your garden to discuss your initial ideas. I can give a creative response for an over arching design that works with your home
and lifestyle. The first 30 minutes are free. Mileage is charged for gardens more than 5 miles from my Baldock office. My fee £30 per hour (pro rata, after first free 30 minutes).

Concept sketch for a coastal feel gardenGarden design concept drawings with overlays and private Pinterest  board

Start at £300 – depending on size and complexity of garden. An initial rough outline drawing/s is sketched before the overlay/s is drawn over photographs taken during a second visit to your garden. Measurements and aspects have been notated and impact on the initial design ideas. Drawing/s include specific wishes of client/s and collaborative design ideas. A further meeting (included in fee) is planned to present the concept drawing/s and overlay/s, to discuss and develop the design concept further and look at material samples (sourced from various suppliers) before a detailed scale plan is produced.

Outline plan

Outline planStart at £240. The outline plan is created to give an overview of the placing and position of all the design elements within a garden design. Initial ideas for planting are included in the ‘outline plan’, which is recommended for larger, more complex garden design installations. The ‘outline plan’ gives you time to reflect on each area of your garden and the hard landscaping materials are reviewed and confirmed before the detailed scale plan is produced. An outline plan is hand drawn, scanned and digitally labelled. Small amendments to the repositioning of key elements are included in the fee, however, a redesign will be charged at £30 per hour (pro rata).


Garden design detailed scale planGarden design scale plan

Start at £480 – depending on size and complexity of garden.  A detailed scaled plan includes the overall shape, size and layout of your garden, the placing of any retained existing plants, buildings and garden features, the new design, lighting plan, new garden features, plants new and existing and hard landscaping material specifications. A further site visit is required to ensure the plan works in the ‘real world’, any alterations are made and then a presentation meeting is planned before the scale plan is signed-off. Once approved a laminated A3 sized copy is made available to your preferred contractor. Small amendments are included in this fee, however, a redesign will incur an additional charge, due to the time taken to make amendments and is charged at £30 per hour (pro rata).

Planting plans

Start at £160 each – depending on size and complexity of garden. Planting plans can be created for individual borders and whole gardens. Where there is more than one planting opportunity within a garden, a planting plan is prepared for each location and charged accordingly. Planting plans include plants lists with details of each plant’s dimensions at maturity and growing conditions required to ensure healthy, long living plants. Clients can also receive an online care calendar with step by step, monthly care instructions for each plant in your garden. I offer my clients a discounted rate of £30 for the first year, normally £36. A login will be provided to your online garden, plants database, forum and resources.


Project monitoring

Once the final scale plan has been signed-off by client/s and the Landscaping company has agreed a project start date, you may wish for me to attend at previously agreed intervals to ensure the design is working on the ground. Also to be at hand to answer any questions that will inevitably arise during an installation. This service may be particularly useful to clients who are working and not able to be home during the project installation. Fee is £30 per hour (pro rata).


Planting-up to plan

Planting up to a planting plan – Judi plus assistant – day rate £300
Sourcing plants stock and materials – purchased through various nurseries and trade suppliers, my time is charged at £30 per hour (pro rata).




Terms and conditions

An initial payment (deposit) of 20% is required and made payable to Judi Samuels by Bank transfer at least a week before the agreed start date on any piece of work. The balance payment will be reflected in your invoice. For larger, more complex projects an invoice will be created for each service provided towards the end of each month across the duration of the project.
Hourly rates are calculated to the nearest quarter of an hour. All visits to clients’ garden or suppliers incur mileage at 45p per mile from my Baldock office.

Payment terms

Payment is required upon receipt of each invoice for each piece of work carried out, emailed prior to the end of the month. However, for larger more complex projects there may be an installment arrangement. 

Cancellation policy

A cancellation fee will be charged if notified within 7 days of a piece of work due to commence, this will account for my time spent on any preparation, creative thinking and note making time, planning and resourcing tasks charged at £30 per hour (pro rata). A detailed invoice will be provided.

Public Liability Insurance
Judi Samuels Garden Design has public liability insurance for £1,000,000.00.

Professional Indemnity Insurance
Up to £50,000.