Echinacea borderA visit to a previous client, whose garden we planted-up in early 2016 is now very abundant. Discussing maintenance with my client and the realities of looking after a garden once it has been installed and lived in, was very useful. It takes time to get to know your garden again after development and my clients in Chesham, Buckinghamshire, are loving their cottage garden planting scheme, despite two ‘Beasts from the East’ and some loss of plants stock.

The brief was to create a wildlife magnet for pollinating insects and birds, for which my clients have a deep passion. It was also important for them to retain their incredibly beautiful view of the fields adjacent to their garden boundary.

I am delighted to see that the galvanised mesh screening, attached to the post and rail fencing, has worked a treat in the defense against the encroaching weeds and grasses.

The cottage garden planting design is now fully in bloom and my clients enjoy the services of a local gardener.

Great to discuss and see the realities of looking after a garden two and a half years after planting it. Even more beautiful now!