Mini pondMaking a mini-pond is a great week-end project for all the family and installation is easily completed within an hour!

Bringing any amount of water into your garden is a wonderful element to have.. whether it moves, reflects or is still.. it’s truly amazing how vital the element of water is.

Things to gather – old and new – whether you’re reclaiming existing bricks and stones from around your garden or going out to purchase some new, you’ll have great fun playing, rearranging, playing some more and rearranging them a bit more..

This is the very green part.. using nothing more than an old washing-up basin or baby bath (hidden and long forgotten in a loft perhaps) this is a perfect receptacle for water. No need to add it to landfill – use it to create new life in your garden..

Either dig out soil from a border or an area of lawn that suits and sit the basin or bath down, so that the rim meets the same height as the level of the surrounding soil. Firm in and place rocks, pebbles, stones, bricks, whatever you’ve got around the circumference and you could even plant in small soil spaces to create a very naturalistic feel.

Add a marginal plant and if you have enough depth you could even add a water lily. I’ve used Equisetum hyemale (Mare’s Tail) in this example.. but there a

re a plethora of aquatic and marginal plants to choose from.

If you do make one (great small garden project for children to enjoy) please do send me a photo!

Happy gardening!