A mixed bag of delight and surprise.. Loving my Mother’s Day border, the forget-me-nots are gorgeous and now completely frame the border. Began the spring-clearing of leaves and weed seedlings from the borders. There is such a sense of satisfaction at scooping up the last of the winter leaves and bringing focus to the emerging new life.

The spring-flowering bulbs are well and truly on the march, including Lilium ‘Eye Liner’ but is sadly under attack from slugs, defense is now in place and here’s hoping they are deterred until they reach a height of safety.

Bringing pots and planters back to life is something I enjoy doing and today I added some young home grown Sweet Williams and Stachys byzantine which I love.

The surprise happened when I was clearing and turning out the old compost and came across a gazillion vine weevil larvae, which I really wasn’t expecting. Now dispatched.. permanently!

A lovely day in warm spring sunshine and getting to know the garden again is a real deep joy.

Happy gardening!





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