On Mother’s day in 2015, not being able to see my son and feeling a bit sad I decided to make a ‘Mother’s Day’ border to cheer myself up.

Busying myself in the home garden really helped lift my spirits and now and always I have this gorgeous spring flowering border to enjoy each and every year.

Framed by ‘Forget-me-not’ (Myosotis scorpoides), which I thought was fitting.. the beautiful pale blue flowers look exquisite against the dark evergreen leaves of the ever-present ferns, of which I have planted 3 different varieties.

The pale yellow and delicate flower heads on the ‘Dog’s tooth violet’ (Erythronium ‘Pagoda’) are just beginning to reveal themselves along with the Hyacinthus orientalis ‘White Festival’ planted close to the garden path so that I can be swathed in its beautiful perfume.

There is much to enjoy with this border which begins to delight in the winter with the scent of the Hamamelis mollis (Chinese Witch Hazel), a truly gorgeous shrub.

This border will do well in a part-shaded location and if starting the bulbs off in clay, do add some horticultural grit in the bottom of the planting hole.

Planting and adding more plants can take place across the seasons and this border will become a real treasure for many years to come.

If you would like a free copy of the planting plan and plants list with photos of all the plants email me at judi@judisamuelsgardendesign.co.uk

Happy Mother’s Day!