planting-bulbs-in-a-cradle-of-gritHere’s a great gardening tip for planting bulbs. If you have a soil that retains water it’s a good idea to incorporate grit into the planting hole. I also line the bottom of the hole with potting grit, making a little cradle for your bulb to sit on. If you are thinking of Tulips for next spring November is the best time of year to get the bulbs in the ground. There are a plethora of varieties and colours out there from the standard goblet to parrot, small, large and everything in between.

Bulbs add instant colour to the early spring garden whether planting directly into the ground or in pots and planters. A great way to have some additional fun in the garden this time of year and the looking forward to seeing all your beautiful plants come into view is all part of the thrill of gardening.


Happy gardening!