Phyllostachys nigra (Black Bamboo)

This is great plant to use as a living screen, adding drama with a soundscape to the garden. The black stems make a magnificent contrast against a paler backdrop, such as natural timber fencing. There is a lot of fear regarding the planting of bamboo but fear not, if you maintain and manage the plant with prudent removing of thin dry canes, this will help to maintain an upright habit rather than the fan shape often seen in gardens, where the plant is crowded at the base. Yes, some varieties have a tendency to produce shoots that will pop up through the ground away from the plant, but these can be cut out.

When planting in the ground a barrier around the circumference of the planting hole will help to maintain size on growth of rootball. If growing Bamboo in a container, make sure the right size and shape pot is selected, rounded pots make for the removal of bamboo very difficult and I suggest growing Bamboo in straight-sided pots or planters. When you want to pot on the plant to give it more room to grow, removing the plant will be more manageable, however, it’s often a two-person job, so a good idea to plan in advance when you are going to do this job. Most of all enjoy your beautiful plant!

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Happy gardening!