Shootgardening2My eye has become drawn to the colour orange since using it recently as an accent colour in an edible and herbal planting scheme. My new clients run an artisan bakery and cafe in North Finchley called Peace and Plenty. The design concept was about bringing vitality to the shop front and to engage with the beautiful food being made in the bakery. The colour palette was kept simple. Bespoke planters to match the interior of wood and matt black walls created a visual harmony. New life outdoors and a beautiful talking point. The chalkboards will really come into their own with recipes of the week that use the selected herbs.

Tropaeolum (Nasturtium) seedlings 26Mar12Using edible orange flowers meant I needed to get sowing early spring in readiness for planting up this summer. I chose Nasturtiums and English Marigolds. A bit tricky without a greenhouse as nursing them indoors took up lots of space once potting up began. Over the past few weeks I had them outside to enjoy the warmth of the newly arrived summer but unfortunately that meant  they were exposed to black fly. Who absolutely love them!

Orange NasturtiumWith paintbrush in hand I set about flicking off every single one including all the babies which are incredibly tiny and love to sit in all the awkward crevices a plant can provide. As soon as I saw them planted up in the planters they looked beautiful and so I was delighted to have stuck with them.

I am not going to forget the colour orange now for a while..

Happy gardening!