Web Zinnia seedling 28.4.15 (2)I am delighted by the progress of my little seedlings and somewhat missing a greenhouse to work in, since relocating and having to leave my old greenhouse behind. I am increasingly spreading my seed trays around and using all the available window sills to catch the warmth of the sun as it moves around the house.

Still waiting on some beauties to make their first appearance but those that have revealed themselves despite having the hardest of seed to break through, have done so triumphantly. Cerinthe major purpurascens has an incredibly hard seed from which to appear, and even after germination as it lifts up out of the soil it carries its own birthing chamber upon its head, still as hard as it went into the seed compost, despite the damp and warmth within the seed tray, utterly amazing.

Web Seedlings tomatoes 1.5.15The ‘Moneymaker’ tomatoes are on the march too and I’m potting them up to give as gifts – three per pot to make a wigwam of beautiful tasty treats as they mature and the weather warms up!

Until next time..

Happy gardening!