Corydalis luteaWhen I first started gardening professionally I had an in-built discrimination towards this little yellow plant. Spotting it enjoying the lime and damp in corners of buildings and pathway cracks, my response to it was to remove it.

But now my response has done a 360 degree turnaround due to a client who showed me how delicate and beautiful it really is. I have always had a difficult response to yellow flowers and in particular those with an acidic hue, but seeing Marj’s smiling face and hearing her describe its beauty to me with her faded Liverpudlian tones I very happily allowed myself to change my mind.

Marj's garden 18.7.13 016

Over the past two years I have come to love and cherish Marj who I quickly connected with as a friend. We had a beautiful and lasting connection and love for each other. Marj always accompanied me in her garden and together we chatted, shared stories, giggled, and talked about family concerns over coffee and lunches on trays sitting in the garden.

Often Marj would snip at the stems of faded perennials to help with the making of the home-made compost. We loved each other’s company and just being together. The garden Robin would often stay with us and peck at the shavings of grated cheese Marj gave it.

Very sadly Marj died this week, aged 82 and I am shocked by the suddenness of her passing. I just want to say how much I will miss her and that I will always hold her in my heart and my thoughts.

And I will always smile as I pass Corydalis lutea where ever it may be..