Allotment with Sam & Simon 14.8.13 016 webWhat a fantastic experience this has been for me and I think also for the participants too.. I hope they have gotten as much out of this pilot project as I have.. We only started preparing and digging over the soil in winter 2013 and now have nearly half a plot full of growing vegetables.

We were helped enormously by the very generous seed donations in response to my blog and twitter plea.. and all are very grateful. The magic is in the doing, the activity, the watching, sharing with others and the sheer joy of being outside in amongst nature!

My thanks to everyone who has taken part and next week shall see the last of my blogs on this allotment gardening project supported by the Prospects Project and the Welcome Centre in Ilford.

Below is a gallery of photos that I have created on my Facebook page, please do go take a look.. I shall put together a gallery here too of images across the whole year.

If you would like to discuss workshops for your organisation, community group or fancy a 1:1 workshop please do get in touch. Happy gardening!