Allotment session 19.6.13 001We are all delighted at the Prospects Project gardening group this week, because the shed door that had been on site for a few weeks got fitted. All our thanks go to Jason for doing a great job! No longer are we a shed short of a door.. happily we can now close the shed door on all the tools and equipment and with the addition of the new padlock won’t need to have any background worry about the tools going walkies..

Each week sees the coming together of all the key necessities and the greenhouse has nearly all the glazing in. Just a few more panes to go and we’ll be in. It’s great working with this group and seeing each week how much the little advancements mean to each group member. Although our plants are young they are putting on good growth. Our beans are in flower and we also have a few beans on the plants already. The potatoes and tomatoes are doing particularly well and despite the baking heat on the allotment this week, Elz is doing a great job of being the water carrier for the group and going in daily to keep their thirst in check.

There has been a lot of learning and construction of key elements put in place for the first two seasons of this gardening project. I know that come the next spring the group will be in a much stronger position and will be able to utilise all the facilities and learning put in place during this first pilot year. Let’s hope that funding continues and this gardening project continues to grow from strength to strength.

If you would like to talk with me about gardening workshops please feel free to get in touch. I teach beginners horticulture on a 1:1 basis and I lead group sessions, such as this weekly project supported by the Healthy Living Project.

Happy gardening!