Epimedium 011This is such a stunningly beautiful little plant which deserves being viewed from down on your knees.. as I lift up its incredibly delicate flower heads to take in their beauty, they tremble on their wiry stems. The heart shaped leaves flush from green to red as spring develops and by autumn turn auburn red. These plants are perfect for shady borders and give every reason to be discovered in the cooler shadows of your garden.

Botanical name: Epimedium x rubrum
Other names: Red barrenwort, Epimedium alpinum ‘Rubrum’
Genus: Epimedium
Species: E. x rubrum – E. x rubrum is a herbaceous perennial with heart-shaped leaves and red and yellow flowers in spring held on wiry stems. Its leaves emerge red-tinted, age to green, then become flushed auburn in autumn.
Epimedium x rubrum is: Deciduous
Flower: Yellow, Red in Spring
Foliage: Flushed red in Spring; Mid-green in Summer; Reddish-brown in Autumn
Habit: Mat Forming
Awards: RHS AGM (Award of Garden Merit)

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