Uncinia rubra

I love this little plant and only recently discovered it whilst working on a planting plan for clients with brick raised beds. Of course, as in other aspects of life, I now see it everywhere and I can’t understand why I hadn’t spotted it sooner. Is it just me or have plantsmen and women in London decided this is the plant of the season.. I guess it helps that it is hardy and evergreen, a real keeper.

The colouring is absolutely beautiful and lights up when sunlight hits it. If you enjoy a high-contract planting scheme then try combining this plant with Alchemilla erythropoda (Dwarf Lady’s Mantle), Ophiopogon planiscapus ‘Nigrescens’ (Black Mondo) and Armeria maritima (Thrift) for a sunny raised planter or border. Absolutely gorgeous!

Botanical name: Uncinia rubra
Other names: Red hook sedge, Uncinia unciniata ‘Rubra’
Genus: Uncinia
Species: U. rubra – U. rubra is an evergreen, perennial grass with glossy reddish-green leaves and dark-brown flower spikes in summer.
Uncinia rubra is: Evergreen
Flower: Insignificant or absent, Brown in Summer
Foliage: Red, Brown in All seasons
Habit: Clump-forming

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Happy gardening!