Pots 012What a fantastic start to the spring term.. seeing everyone again was very moving and the delight at discovering the seedlings’ was clearly evident on all our faces. During the Prospects Project Easter break, I was worried that the sewn seeds might stumble but to our collective delight the results so far are fantastic or should I say “plantastic” as Elz, one of the group proclaimed!

I welcomed both returning and new group members, as our little band of allotmenteers is growing, I find it so deeply rewarding to see people light up at the prospect of growing both edibles and ornamentals on the Welcome Centre’s allotment. Our thanks goes to the generous donations of seeds and weed control membrane that has really helped get this project underway.

So far we have had appearances from cucumbers, tomotoes, lettuce, spinach and runner beans.. we are so looking forward to discovering which of the seeds will reveal themselves to us next week!

I write regularly about my horticultural endeavours and if you have any questions or fancy a chat with me do please feel free to get in touch, always happy to talk about plants..

Happy gardening!