Pulmonaria officinalisI love this plant, especially because it has endured so much in the way of harsh weather this unending winter, despite it officially being spring.. Still the will is within it to make an appearance up out of the soil and I am instantly all the happier for it. Not only does this plant have the most delicate pale purple and pink flowers, but its leaves host striking white spots and splodges that make it look even more charming.

I love having this plant in a partially shaded spot in my garden and often recommend it to clients and all its varieties, of which there are many, my particular favourites are P. ‘Blue Ensign’ and P. ‘Sissinghurst White‘.

I am currently working on a simple planting plan for a north-east facing border and have incorporated these and P. rubra. I find them all gorgeous and I bring out their colours by adding Alchemilla mollis, with its beautifully soft dusty pale green leaves and tiny star-like flowers held up above them. As planting companions I am also planting Camassia quamash and Aqualegia vulgaris ‘Alba’.. I can’t wait to see all that loveliness coming together.

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Happy gardening!