Working on the allotment 27.2.13

Great to be back outside on the allotment site after a good few weeks of doing practical workshops inside. What a fantastic day, not only did we start on divvying-up the plot into mini-plots, but the sun came out too! We actually worked on the soil in full sun and made all the warmer by the digging, raking and weeding.

I feel such a great sense of pride through these endeavours and of the participants; who have taken this activity so open-heartedly into their worlds. I hear and respond to various comments, questions and expressions of insight and discovery, which really makes me feel that I’m on the right track. I am still new at this and I need the feedback to ensure that people feel they are learning and being acknowledged for who they are and what they bring with their own life’s experiences.

We were quite literally making pathways yesterday and I realise as I read this back to myself and do a bit more tweaking, that actually we were making pathways into our own lives as well. Being in and amongst nature, working in the soil; really helps the mind to go quiet and the body to take over and in these feelings of completeness, discoveries and connections to earth, nature and each other begins.

There is a great deal of learning for all of us in this process. We have lots to do both inside the classroom and on the allotment, with spring just around the corner, I can feel the motivation rising as fast as the sap. We have broken things that need fixing and replacing and we have to decide where we are going to locate the composting area and water tanks.. All things in time..

.. more next week. Until then, happy gardening!