Hort Workshop 20.2.13 009What a fantastic workshop we had this week.. not only did we get all our pots scrubbed, but we actually got to sow our first seeds, hoorah! The group were palpably happy to be getting to this stage and we began with our inside seed sowings of ‘Early’ Jalapeno Peppers, ‘Gardeners’ Delight’ Tomatoes, ‘Toothed Crisphead’ Lettuce, ‘Thai Long Green’ Aubergines and Spring Onions.. These are just some of the seeds we have been so generously gifted!

We spent some time talking about the compost mix we were going to make and then we found the perfect wooden box for all to get their hands into.. one group member commented on how therapeutic handling the compost felt and was delighted by the experience of running it through their fingers, as if in preparation for making a cake. 

As I said in my last blog I am aiming to keep the project organic and so I have used peat-free organic compost in the seed mix. I have been using Vital Earth’s products for the past two years and exclusively make all my seed sowings in this compost. I do add vermiculite and home-made compost when I’ve got some. In time, we hope to be able to make home-made compost for the allotment, our plan is to collect the fruit and vegetable kitchen scraps from the Welcome Centre and deliver them to ‘Plot 49’ for composting.

Next week we head out to the allotment ‘Plot 49’ where we begin divvying up the plot into mini-plots for each group member to look after and bring to life..

Until next week – happy gardening!