My love affair started when Carol Klein enthused about these plants on Gardeners World some years back. Her beautiful Glebe Cottage garden has an abundance of them and I instantly loved them and had to have them in my own garden.

I am developing a woodland feel garden for the front of my house (North-facing) and already their deep burgundy flowers are making an appearance, just 18 days into February. Truly lovely. I am loving watching my new-look garden taking shape and seeing all the new autumn-planted delights, let me know that they made it through the winter and are ready to do their thing..

Botanical name: Helleborus orientalis
Other names: Lenten rose, Lenten hellebore, Oriental hellebore, Winter rose
Genus: Helleborus
Species: H. orientalis – H. orientalis is a clump-forming, semi-evergreen or evergreen perennial with leathery, deep green basal leaves with lance-shaped leaflets and, from midwinter to mid-spring, stout, branched stems bearing nodding or outward-facing, saucer-shaped, white, sometimes pink- or green-flushed flowers becoming pinker with age.
Helleborus orientalis is: Semi evergreen
Flower: White, Greenish-white, Pink, Purple in Spring
Foliage: Dark-green in All seasons
Habit: Clump-forming
Toxicity: Ingestion may cause severe discomfort; skin irritant.

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Happy gardening!