We were pouring over all the fantastic seeds we had received at the Prospects Project yesterday. We are very grateful to those of you who donated your seeds and we want to do our very best by you and them; by giving them the very best start in life. We are going to be behaving organically, so only adding peat-free organic compost and manure to help give the soil more structure and nutrients.

Our main task yesterday was writing an inventory of seeds and creating seedling diaries. I love keeping a seedling diary myself, it’s great for keeping track of all that you are growing, from when you planted the seeds, observing how they’re doing to when they get planted out into the big wide world.. in our case that will be at the allotmet, plot 49. Writing up all the names of the seeds and planning the best time to sow them, noting whether they needed sowing indoors or needed direct sowing (straight in the plot) took up most of our workshop time.

Happily we are now ready for pot washing in preparation for sowing, our buckets and rubber gloves are at the ready for next week’s workshop, when we will be elbow deep in soap suds. We can’t wait for the programme of seed sowing to begin. This is such a wonderful time of year, full of prospects… indeed!

More next week, until then.. happy gardening!