What a great day to visit plot 49 and start laying the weed control fabric (membrane) over the area of plot that we had started to clear back in December. DIY Matters very generously donated the membrane to the Prospects Project at the end of last year. Despite the gusty winds and us being made to look more like sailors than gardeners, we did manage to pin down some membrane over the soil.

We had a few home-made metal pegs created from old wire coat hangers, but seeing how quickly the few we had made, disappeared into the soil, we are going to need stacks and stacks. So we are now on the trawl for launderettes and dry cleaners who may have some going spare..

We all felt brilliantly exhilarated after our bracing exposure to the wind filled site today and with the sun shining, there was a palpable thrill that we were moving on to the next stage.

.. more next week. Until then, happy gardening!