I am full of returning motivation towards my gardening business in 2013 and wish to surround myself in learning by reading the dozens of outstanding books I have placed around me. I love gardening books, of course we all do! But, giving them real time, to truly read and retain the insights that are within their pages, has been a challenge for me. I hope that by carving out 30 minutes a day to read; I can assimilate the information and be enlightened by the know-how, the history and the images within, that will grow me towards new discoveries and motivations in my gardening endeavours. So, what’s on this month’s list.. well here they all are, and in no particular order:

Small Traditional Gardens by Roy Strong
Allotment Gardening by Geoff Stokes
Joe’s Allotment by Joe Swift
Reader’s Digest Fruit and Vegetable Gardening
Natural Garden Style by Noel Kingsbury
A Year in the Life of Beth Chatto’s Gardens by Rachel Warne 

Feel free to drop me a line and let me know which horticultural delight you are currently enthused by. Right, while it’s quiet, I’m off to read for 30 minutes.

Wishing you happy gardening endeavours of all kinds..

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