So having started this project with the first clearance session, my mind now turns to how best to encourage interaction between the Allotment and the Prospects Project, Welcome Centre service users (Allotmenteers).

After lots of thought I have decided to divide Plot 49 into ten equal ‘mini-plots’ to encourage ownership and individual responsibility. I’ve gone this way because the project had previously enlisted folks to work the entire 250 square metes. They had much success and staff report on fantastic amounts of fruit and vegetables brought back to the project for all to enjoy. But, unfortunately after some time, interest dwindled and fell away. So Plot 49 had been neglected for some considerable time before we got stuck into it earlier this week.

I hope this approach works for the everyone, time will tell. I really want each of the Allotmenteers to make the project their own and get as creative as they wish, grow lots and keep that relationship with them for a long time to come.

The first session pulled ten people together with a motivation to bring their Plot 49 back to growing life, excluding the weeds of course, which will always be a presence.. I am delighted to have been asked to coordinate this project and I look forward to sharing our progress here on my blog.