These plants bring valuable colour into the autumn months and are still producing new flower heads in my home garden, even in the second week of October. They really add much needed colour against a grey autumn sky and on a dry day I still see the occasional bee scampering over the protruding cone heads, in hope of pollen that may have been missed earlier in the season.

I have these in the middle of what I call my pink border, which has a backdrop of Cotinus ‘Grace’ and Euonymus europaes ‘Red Cascade’, if you are into tone rather than contrasting colouring, try these three plants together in a south-west facing sunny border, the combination is absolutely gorgeous.

Botanical name: Echinacea purpurea
Other names: Black samson, Hedgehog cone flower, Purple daisy, Coneflower
Genus: Echinacea
Species: E. purpurea – E. purpurea is an upright perennial with large, daisy-like flowers that have a brown centres and pale purple petals.
Echinacea purpurea is: Deciduous
Flower: Pale-purple, Brown in Summer; Brown, Pale-purple in Autumn
Foliage: Green in Summer; Green in Autumn; Green in Winter
Habit: Clump-forming, Upright

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