I was commissioned in August to design a bespoke Dingly Dell for a couple with a young family for their small suburban garden in East London. The prospect thrilled me (of course) and after meeting everyone and getting a feel for what both Cheryl and Rob wanted, I put together a plan that included a willow screen as the backdrop, bark flooring and evergreen non-berrying plants (just in case the little one gets curious with shiny berries (fruits), they could so easily get popped into one’s little mouth!

So I spent some time researching possible evergreens that gave beautiful form and leaf colour across the season’s instead. The planting scheme included Pittosporums, a Magnolia grandiflora, Hebes and an evergreen Jasmine ‘Trachelospermum jasminoides’ which puts on the most fantastic leaf colours during autumn and early winter. A really beautiful combination of plants and the joy of it all is watching them grow through the seasons. In time the wooden bench will be surrounded by these wonderful plants, to create a truly intimate retreat.

If you would like to discuss a bespoke Dingly Dell for your garden please do get in touch. An initial 30 minute garden viewing is free of charge.

Happy gardening!