This beautifully elegant purple moor grass sways in the lightest of winds and ripples its exquisite purple flushed flower spires across your eye. The movement of en masse planting is captivating and is a perfect plant for growing in drifts and for creating transitions between different areas of your garden.


Botanical name: Molinia caerulea subsp caerulea ‘Edith Dudszus’
Other names: Purple moor grass ‘Edith Dudszus’
Genus: Molinia
Variety or cultivar: ‘Edith Dudszus’ _ ‘Edith Dudszus’ is a compact, tufted, deciduous perennial grass forming dense clumps of erect to slightly arching, flat, linear, mid-green leaves and dense, narrow panicles of dark purple flower spikelets on dark purple-red stems in summer.
Molinia caerulea subsp caerulea ‘Edith Dudszus’ is: Deciduous
Flower: Dark-purple in Summer
Foliage: Mid-green in Spring; Mid-green in Summer; Mid-green in Autumn
Stem: Reddish-purple in Summer; Reddish-purple in Autumn
Habit: Clump-forming, Erect

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