I sowed these Cleome spinosa ‘Pink Queen’ seeds on 14 April and now look at them.. all grown up in pink sparkliness. What a beautiful annual this plant is and very happy in this planting position with lots of sun from the East and West in a well draining soil in ‘Ray’s Raised Bed‘. The flowers are delicately spidery with exposed prominent stamens, the leaves are a lush deep green, deeply divided, palmate in design, very striking.

Botanical name: Cleome spinosa ‘Pink Queen’
Other names: Spider flower ‘Violet Queen’
Genus: Cleome
Variety or cultivar: ‘Violet Queen’ _ ‘Violet Queen’ is an half-hardy annual with a bushy habit and large, palmate leaves. From summer to early autumn, it bears pretty, scented, violet flowers with conspicuous stamens.
Cleome spinosa ‘Violet Queen’ is: Deciduous
Flower: Violet in Summer; Violet in Autumn
Foliage: Green in Summer; Green in Autumn
Fragrance: Flowers have a sweet scent
Habit: Bushy

My thanks go to Benjamin Runyard of Higgledy Garden who sold me the seeds. Ray tells me that many of his neighbours and visitors have commented on his new look flowering bed and how good it looks. Thanks for the lovely feedback Ray!

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