I think the humble Cornflower (Centurea cyanus) is truly a beautiful plant and having now grown two different varieties to date, I want to continue to grow more. I gulp as I realise how many varieties and cultivars there are, each beautiful in their own way. The RHS lists some of them with photographs on their website and I recommend you take a look, for they are lovely.

My current favourite Centurea is C.cyanus ‘Black Ball’ which are all about to pop into flower in the home garden and I can’t wait to see them. I shall be ready to collect their seeds for sowing in the autumn and over-winter them inside the greenhouse. By doing this I hope to have plants ready for sale earlier in the following spring season.

These beautiful little plants (no more than 75cms tall, look gorgeous next to white, pink, red and blue.. If you keep them in pots you can move them next to different plants to create lovely colour combinations, until you have the one you love and then you can plant them up. They look lovely either in a terracotta pot or in a border.. have fun!

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