Yes, I know I ought to have produced a ‘Judi’s plant of the week’ blog by now.. but I’ve gotten into working on my website with updates and thought I must shout about my revelation in the home garden.

I have a trampoline in the back garden and have been looking after my young plants on it in an attempt to avoid the dark forces on the ground below.. and guess what, it really does work. The trampoline is made of steel I think, certainly not copper which is the usual and marketed mechanical defence against slugs and snails.

I have been doing this for the past two months and not one single solitary slug or snail has attempted to climb up it. So, I strongly recommend you go out and get a trampoline (beg, borrow or buy) you can still protect all your plants from frost and scorching sun (when it comes back) with fleece. I love a bit of creative self-assembly and if it works, why not!

So, take me up on my word and set up a trampoline, it doesn’t matter what size as long as it’s got metal poles into the ground, you can grow all your plants on it without any fear. You could even use scaffolding poles, if you happen to have some available!

Have fearless and happy gardening!