What a fantastic day.. after weeks of planning and waiting on plants to arrive today is the day the first of the plants go in, hooray! I don’t know who was more overjoyed, me or Rita (my client) to see the installation of her Dingly Dell taking place. The plants for Rita’s scheme needed to include flowers and berries and have an evergreen backdrop. So with this brief, I have selected and planted Prunus lusitanica (Portuguese cherry laurel – evergreen), Choisya ternata (Mexican orange blossom – evergreen) Callicarpa bodinieri var. giraldii ‘Profusion’ (Beauty Berry) and lastly, but by no means least, I have planted a Buddleja davidii ‘Royal Red’ to provide a beautifully coloured and scented entrance.

The overall feel of the dingly dell’s planting scheme is soft with plants that will give seclusion by being mostly evergreen. Over time the growth of the plants will create the form that will mature around the wooden seat and act as its external structure. The year-round interest is created with the aid of beautiful berry producing plants that will delight us and feed the wildlife during the autumn and winter months. Whilst planting the Choisya ternatas a butterfly dropped in for a quick nosh on one of them, this was an unexpected treat, as I’d only just planted it!

The woodland bark ground cover provides that perfect forest floor feel which works so well with evergreen trees and wooden seating. A perfect dingly dell environment and one that invokes happy childhood memories for Rita. Over time the Dingly Dell will be embellished with ornamental climbers such as Billardiera longiflora (Climbing Blueberry) and Clematis (variety yet to be decided) – there are so many… flowering for each month of the year!

As the Dingly Dell grows and develops I shall publish photographs so that you can see how it takes up the form of the seat and in the spring I may give a little judicious pruning just to introduce some shaping to the scheme. Right now, it’s all about watching everything grow and sitting in amongst these beautiful plants for the sheer unadulterated pleasure of it!

If you would like to talk with me about a Dingly Dell for your garden, please do feel free to get in touch, my email is judi@judithegardener.co.uk. I currently have clients in North-East London, Essex, Hertfordshire and Enfield. Tel: 07818 005773.