Love, love, love Rhubarb… I love the colour, the flavour, the smell. Rhubarb is utterly exquisite, acidic yes and sadly my family don’t enjoy it as much, for that reason. But it is still wonderful and especially so when just picked and the scent from the stem is in full flow.. Truly wonderful. Having just picked 1 kg worth, I am now salivating over the recipe options that will include a large amount of custard!

I do have Strawberries with their first flowers on and I still need to go give them a nice comfy straw bed, which is one of the tasks outstanding on my ever-growing ‘to do’ list in the kitchen garden.. ah well, tonight we eat Rhubarb, tomorrow I’ll get back on it..

What tasty treat do you have growing in your kitchen garden?

Happy munching!