I sowed these Centurea cyanus seeds on 10 April and just four days later I have new-borne seedlings, how utterly amazing the will to live is. I am always blown away by the instinct locked within any seed to know exactly what it is and how to become that.. I have planted the tiniest of seeds, for example, Viola seeds and being finer than a grain of sand, they still know exactly what it is they want and need to do to become a plant.. I find this truly amazing and awe inspiring.

Alongside these beautiful summer flowering cottage garden favourites, I have sown Cerinthe major ‘Purpurescens’, Cleome spinosa ‘Pink Queen’, Moluccella laevis and Bupleurum griffithii. I happily bought the seeds from Benjamin Ranyard at Higgledy Garden

Bupleurum griffithii

Cerinthe major 'Purpurescens'

Cleome spinosa 'Pink Queen'

Moluccella laevis (Bells of Ireland)













I am so excited to be growing these new (to us) species at JtG HQ this year, my first time with these plants and I will report on their progress as they reveal themselves up through the potting mix. Ah yes, while I mention potting mix, I want to encourage you to use a peat-free organic compost. I am currently using Vital Earth and so far I have to say, those seedlings that have pushed their heads up through this compost are looking gorgeous and healthy. Once the plants are established, you can introduce a liquid feed to aid further delivery of nutrition, but not yet.. let them grow. These composts provide enough nutrients for the first couple of months in the plants life.

Happy growing!