I wrote about this beautiful winter / spring flowering plant in ‘Out in the garden’ recently and now it’s time to harvest its seeds to make some more plants. I harvest the seeds from the ripest looking pods that look fit to burst. The colour of the seed pod is exquisite and the pale green seed gems inside will become next year’s plant stock under the right conditions.

The seeds need to be kept moist but not overly wet and out away from direct sunlight. They will take time to germinate, anything from approximately 30 days to anytime throughout spring and summer. Once you have your seedlings in sight and I would wait until you see the first true leaf (not the seed leaf – Cotyledon) they can be handled and potted up into a 3″ pot so that they can absorb the moisture and nutrition they need to become beautiful healthy plants.

Do you have a different variety of Helleborus, if you do, I would love to swap seeds. Please leave me a reply if you would like some of these Helleborus argutifolius seeds.
Happy growing!