A dear friend of mine helped me to sow some of these seeds over the week-end, and I was especially glad as we did this activity together on her special day, her Birthday. I love sowing seeds and so did my friend, because she has Irish heredity and loved the name of these little triangular (pyramid like) seeds.

My thanks goes to Benjamin Ranyard of Higgledy Garden whom I bought the seeds from, including Centaurea cynus. (Cornflowers) ‘Black Ball’, Cerinthe Major ‘Purpurascens’, Cleome spinosa ‘Pink Queen’ and Bupleurum griffithii. Do take a look at his site, it’s wonderful! www.higgledygarden.com. I shall be reporting on the progress of all these seedlings over the next few months. Do let me know what seeds you are currently growing.

Happy sowing!