I love this plant. It is not only beautiful but so obliging. This evergreen sub-shrub can be planted in sun or shade in a wonderful loam or a heavy clay and will still grow, climb, scramble and put on flowers from early spring right through until autumn. A very undemanding plant for the gardener. If you have a bare patch in either sun or shade and you want an evergreen ground covering plant or climber (because this plant will do both) then I highly recommend putting this plant on your plant wish list!

Botanical name: Vinca major ‘Maculata’
Other names: Greater periwinkle ‘Maculata’, Vinca major ‘Surrey Marble’
Genus: Vinca
Variety or cultivar: ‘Maculata’ _ ‘Maculata’ is an evergreen sub-shrub with long, prostrate rooting stems bearing ovate, dark green leaves with bright green centres and mid-blue flowers from spring into autumn.
Vinca major ‘Maculata’ is: Evergreen
Flower: Blue in Spring; Blue in Summer; Blue in Autumn
Foliage: Lime green, Dark-green in All seasons
Habit: Mat Forming, Prostrate, Spreading, Trailing

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