My client, Betty, has a small but perfectly formed front garden with a north-easterly aspect and in the morning when the sun shines onto it, it is a beautiful place to be. Working on the soil is wonderful, it is rich with organic matter from year’s of home-made compost being put into it and is an absolute pleasure for me to work. As I think I have written in other Blogs, I have heavy London clay in my home garden and can only work with a longing gaze at this soil. Six years into working my own garden and still the clay beneath is as hard to work as it ever was.. despite adding manure, grit, sand and compost.. I know, as in all things, it takes time..

I am currently developing this garden by removing old tired plants (with many years of service under their belts) and by including new plants, which is always an absolute treat for me (especially when my plant recommendations become real plants in my hands!) So the delivery of 6 ‘Nerium oleander’ plants filled us both with excitement and I happily put them into their positions before preparing the planting spaces for them. These plants are very hardy and once grown up a little and with their first flowers on, I am sure they will look lovely and most importantly bring joy to Betty.






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