Today I planted Mr. Fothergill’s seeds and I am very excited about watching the progress of these because they will go some way towards making our food for the summer and autumn months, possibly longer if we freeze the produce. I have gone for Pepper ‘Chocolate’ with a skin the colour of its name and sweet in flavour, I can’t wait to have this in summer salads and autumn pasta sauces. A staple in my cooking is Courgette and this year I am growing ‘Defender F1’ so should be terrific. Alongside Broadbean ‘Suprifin’ and Pepper ‘Super Chili F1’ we shall surely be in for some edible treats this year.

While it is still early into the growing season these seeds need growing in a greenhouse or house with a maintained temperature of approximately 65 F / 18 C. Investing in a thermometer is crucial so that you know what’s going on. Using a paraffin heater I realise how drying this is, so if you do use this method of heating do keep the compost from drying out because this will put a halt to germination. Air circulation is still important otherwise you risk everything being covered in green moss and plants being too humid and rotting off. Follow your instincts by responding to your growing environment.