What a beautiful and utterly charming plant to have in a spring garden. This vivid acid green variety sits with elegantly drooping flowering heads hanging down under their own weight, but when you pick them up to look inside, there is magic within. Their flowering skirts are edged in burgundy, I think this makes a wonderful colour combination.

I first came across Helleborus through watching Gardener’s World when Carol Klein did a feature piece on them and I was completely transfixed. There are so many varieties in the species, from the deepest purple to the palest of greens, yellows and whites.  Helleborus argutifolius is currently thriving in my garden and having sub-divided a plant last Autumn, all are now settling in well and putting on new growth.

Seeds may be taken from them as soon as they are developed within their flower heads and are best potted whilst in the green rather than waiting for them to dry out. Over winter them in a shelter frost-free place, either greenhouse or house and you’ll have beautiful young plants for the new season. They make beautiful growing gifts to friends and family who have birthdays early in the year.

Botanical name: Helleborus argutifolius
Other names: Corsican hellebore, Helleborus corsicus, Helleborus lividus subsp. corsicus , Holly-leaved hellebore, Corsican hellebore

Genus: Helleborus

Species: H. argutifolius – H. argutifolius is a stout, clump-forming perennial with leathery, dull, spined leaves and large, green flowers in late-winter to early-spring.
Helleborus argutifolius is: Evergreen
Flower: Greenish-white in Spring
Foliage: Dark-green in All seasons
Habit: Clump-forming
Toxicity: Ingestion may cause severe discomfort; skin irritant
Awards: RHS AGM (Award of Garden Merit)

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