What a beautiful day.. after a winter that came late and with recent snow, ice and frosts today was a much needed contrast with full sun hovering overhead of my greenhouse for most of the day. I was explaining to my son earlier that soon the Summer daylight hours will be with us and from the 25 March we really can start talking about Spring.

Today’s seed plantings include Lunaria annua ‘Honesty’, Lettuce ‘Butterhead’, Rocket, Coriander ‘Cilantro’, Carrot ‘Autumn King 2’ and Chives.

Once the frosts have well and truly passed I shall prepare the vegetable patch for the young vegetable seedlings. I do want to grow courgettes again this year, after having a great success with them last year, they continued to flower and fruit well into October. Do watch out for mildew and make sure they have plenty of space for air to circulate around each plant, removing drying leaves will help keep the plants healthy too. They need a good supply of water.